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Sugar Gliders

Hello and welcome to Creations n Critters sugar gliders! We currently


have a platinum - platinum breeding pair; a cremino mosaic - platinum


mosaic breeding pair; and a marble mosaic - cow ear mosaic - ring tail

mosaic breeding trio. 

Opal is my platinum female (right). She has such a sweet personality. Her coloring is gorgeous, with white almost paint-brush like streaks across her back. And her tail is a gorgeous light to dark ombre coloring! 

Obsidian is Opal's mate, also a platinum (left).  He has calmed down a lot since he has gotten older and is so sweet and loving.  He also cares for Opal so much, often going and checking each and every pouch if she is "missing" (aka - just with me!)

Both Opal and Obsidian carry the leucesitic gene and produce Platinum and Leusistic joeys. 

If you are looking to join this amazing world of gliders, feel free to take a look around! We have a general information tab that covers basic care and some common questions.  We also have a food information tab to covers what we feed our gliders, including the recipe to make the food. 

If you are looking for a cute little glider to add to your family, check out our "Available Joeys" tab! If we don't currently have any available, feel free to join the inquiry list!

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