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​How Do I Place An Order?

for bonding hoodies and shirts, please submit an order form - an invoice will be emailed to your provided email shortly to confirm the order. Once invoice is paid, your order will be added to the queue.

For cage sets or other orders, please message us on our FB page directly so we can work out all the little details!

for smaller orders that my etsy shop handles (trashcans, pompoms, and kitchens mostly) please  click the "shop" tab on the top, select the items you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.  When you are done shopping,  go to your cart and checkout! We will then begin working on your items and once done, get them packaged up and on their way to you!


Payment and Shipping

We accept the following forms of payment:


Online Card Payment

Shipping: We ship on Mondays and Thursdays (unless a holiday falls on one of those days, then we ship either before or after that day as best we can.  Etsy orders ship within 2 weeks, while custom orders have different turn around times. Typically custom/larger orders have a 5-12 week turn around time, so please contact us before ordering if you need a different timeline met. Rush fees may apply depending on order size, time of year, ect. We do our very best to ship things quickly, but each order deserves our full attention to make sure they come out perfect each time! 

Hatching eggs:

We sell and ship button quail hatching eggs to the Continental US. We are NPIP and AI clean, we have nearly every color and pattern in our quail pens. We have some pens split by color, some by pattern, and others are mixed. We send a mix of eggs from all pens to ensure you get a nice variety. We can take request for color/patterns, but we never guarantee requests as I cannot control who is laying what days. We only ship Monday-Wednesday to try and prevent orders sitting over the weekend. We ship US priority mail (NOT EXPRESS unless requested and covered by the buy (typically starts around $35)). Priority mail SHOULD arrive within 2-3 days from ship date, however we have zero control over the post office. We do not promise a delivery time unless express shipping is paid for by the buyer. We do not replace eggs for delayed shipping, or low hatch rates as both of those are out of our control. We have a personal hatch rate of 90% or higher on our eggs and we cycle out our breeders every few months to ensure viability. 

Egg Prices - We always send extras and the US priority shipping IS included in prices

12 eggs for $25

30 eggs for $45 

50 eggs for $65

100 eggs for $85



At this time, to order hatching eggs, please contact us on our facebook page. We hope to add an order form soon, but for now we take all egg orders via pm on facebook, or if you do not have access to facebook, via email :)

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


All of our payment options are secure. We do NOT have access to any of your payment info.  We will ship to the address you provide and will send tracking to your email address provided.

Returns & Refunds


We gladly accept returns if any of your items arrive damaged. While we take pride in our shipping methods, some of our items (like our feather jewelry)  are fragile and can be harmed in the shipping process. Should your order arrive not to your satisfaction, please contact us within one week of your order arriving (Seven days) to work out a replacement for your item.


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