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Cage setup!

Now for some one of my favorite parts!


Gliders love to run, jump, and fly around their cage, so they need ample room to do so. I do not recommend having a cage smaller than 24 inches x24 inches x41 inches.

In our cage we have a small shelf where our kitchen with our food bowl/water bowl sits.   We also have an eight piece "cage set" made from high grade fleece or safely sewn cotton/flannel backed with fleece.  Each cage should have a minimum of two sleeping pouches so the gliders can sleep apart if they so chose (although most of the time they will sleep together) (not always true for breeding gliders though.) Our wheel attaches to the side down towards the bottom, and we often have a floor toy for them to play on as well!

Each sleeping pouch should also have some sort of little "blanket" or piece of soft cloth in them.  This simulates leaves in their natural environment.  Gliders will stuff their holes with leaves as bedding, and desire to do the same in a cage setting. These little blankets can also help reduce the amount of pouches you go through due to chewed holes.

We provide high quality cage sets to purchase as well. If you are buying a sugar glider joey from us, we offer a 10% discount on all toys, cage sets, and bonding items for a year after your deposit is placed, but you are welcome to purchase a set even without getting one of our gliders.  We use special stitching to hide all the seams. This is very important because sugar glider's nails can caught even the smallest of seams.  If a seam is not sewn properly, a glider can get its foot or body tangled in the loose thread, which may result in injury!

We have a variety of bundles that range from 4 pieces to 16 pieces.  Some bundles include toys, while others are fleece/cotton items only! We carry around 100 prints to choose from! If you are looking to place an order for a cage set or cage items, please message us on our Facebook page at

Cage bundles:

aa starter pack.png
crossbody info post.png
a 4 piece fleece.png
b 4 pc set.png
c 6 pc fleece.png
e 8 pc fleece.png
g 10 pc set.png
d 6 pc set.png
f 8 pc set.png
h 12 pc fleece.png 2.png
i 12 pc set.png
k 16 pc set.png
j 16 pc fleece.png
u bonding pouch.png
treat cup.png
cork toy.png
ball pit.png
t intro pouch (2).png
jumbo cork.jpg
s sprial vine.png
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