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Creations N Critters Intro - City Girl Meets Farm Life


Hello! My name is Amanda and I am so pleased to meet you! I am the owner and creator of Creations N Critters.

I have lived my entire life in the city (not a HUGE city...but a city none the less!). I went to college in a little town out in the middle of nowhere (cornfields EVERYWHERE). It was at college that I met my boyfriend. He grew up on a farm. In fact, his parents still live on said farm. The first time I visited his family was...a pretty big shock - both to my system (yay allergies) and to my lifestyle. I remember that they were SO excited that weekend because they were getting a heat pump in. Yep...they had lived there for 17 years with NO HEAT (okay okay...they had "wood heat" but...let's be honest I am spoiled so...they had no heat!)

Putting aside the heating "issue" it was a rather fun week! I suppose the neatest thing about living on a farm is all the animals. Now, don't get me wrong, I grew up with a zoo of my own as a kid. We had birds, fish, hamsters, cats, dogs, rats, mice, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and prolly a few I am forgetting. However, Caleb's family had us beat. First off, they had chickens. Prior to meeting him, I didn't even know people OWNED CHICKENS. AS PETS. And they didn't just have a few chickens...oh no they had hundreds! All kinds of breeds too with all kinds of pretty designs, colors, and patterns in their feathers.

So once I finally got over the fact that they owned chickens, I met the peacocks. Peacocks that just roamed around their yard, eating everything out of their garden and just...looking stunning. They had seven at the time, but more would soon follow as their eggs hatched and babies then roamed the yard too!

It become apparent very quickly that I was not as strong as "farm folk" are, so I was not able to help too much with the chores. That gave me a good amount of time to wander the farm without interruptions. I have always loved feathers, and likely still have a bag of random feathers I had collected over the years, so I felt it was a shame to let so many of these gorgeous feathers go to waste. I spent much of my free time collecting bags and bags of feathers. All kinds of feathers (but I definitely had a preference for the peacock feathers). Fun fact: peacocks have some amazingly cool feathers, and no I am not just talking about their eye feathers!

So now I have umpteen bags of feathers, and not a whole lot to do with them. I have always loved crafts, so I BEGGED Caleb to take me to a craft store so I can find something to do with all my feathers. As we walked around for a bit (although he claims it was hours) I finally found some earring hooks. Once I got home and all set up with my hot glue gun in hand, I made a pair of peacock eye earrings (you know the ones...just simple little eye feather). I wore them out and kept getting complements, so I decided to make a few more pairs (or 50 pairs...same thing!). I enjoyed wearing them out and to school over the next few weeks, and people kept asking where I bought them from. When I told them I made them, they asked for my card. I was shocked people liked my earrings enough to want to buy them! I started an etsy store a few days later (after I finally settled on the name!) and finally got in some business cards! I absolutely love making my items and still cannot get over the fact that their are people all around the world wearing my items! (so far I have shipped to the Netherlands, Russia, and Finland, along with several states here in the US!)

I am continuing to add new items to my shop and make my current items even better!

I hope to see you again! If you enjoyed this post and want to stay in touch, please join us on Facebook at:

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