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What Happens After You Click "Purchase"

Hello again! My name is Amanda, the owner and creator of Creations N Critters. Have you ever wondered what happens after you click the purchase button? Well I can't speak for ALL small businesses, but I can speak for what I do!

Since my main selling platform is my very own website - designed by me, I get a little popup from my app (yep, there is an app for that!) that tells me you just placed an order at my shop! After my happy dance is over (and Caleb stops laughing at me!) I get to work. Each order is hand-made at the time they are placed, which truly mean each pair of earrings, necklace, barrette, or painting is done JUST for you. If your order includes feathers, I spend a good twenty to thirty minutes picking out the PERFECT matches.

Once I have all the feathers selected, I work on making your item. If that is a pair of earrings, I remove the extra fuzz, secure the feathers together and tie it all off with the cute little bead. If your item is a necklace or barrette, I work on laying the feathers out and securing them to either the leather piece or tie them on the rope.

Once your item is completed, and I am totally satisfied (I have been known to remake a pair or two until I get them JUST right), I get ready to ship them. Now, as you can imagine, shipping feathers can be quite a challenge. I have to be very sure your package will not get bent during the shipping process, or the feathers will be ruined. I typically put a piece of cardboard in the package, and surround it all in bubble wrap. In every package you will find a handwritten note with a specialized thank you message. Once everything is all packaged up, I print out your label and take your new items to the post office!

I love keeping track of the package as it goes, and often check the progress (as I am sure you do too!) Once I see it is FINALLY delivered, I do another happy dance. The idea that someone out there is wearing MY items is just so crazy to think. I do happy dances quite often actually!

Thank you so much for your support! I hope to see you again! If you enjoyed this post and want to stay in touch, please join us on Facebook at

and of course...if you find yourself in need of pushing that button ;) here is that link!

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