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These trash can toys can be customized to your color! This is for a red trash can base, then you pick the colors of the chain. The Rainbow drop down box will override the other color options.

These amazing trash can toys are amazing for sugar gliders or other small animals. Sugar gliders LOVE to sleep and play in these. Our trash can toys are also LOADED with charms, fleece strips and two pulleys! This trash can toy is sure to bring a lot of fun to your small animal cage! Each trash can also has ventilation holes on the sides, back, and top.

All items are made safe and have been tested by multiple people and groups (we are on the approved vendor list for Sugar Gliders Guardians, Sugar Glider Depot, and more!) . All items have burs filed off, zipties sanded down and made 100% with the safety of your pet in mind!

Love what you see but want to mix and match items? Just send me a message to work out the perfect set for you and your furbabies!

Item ships priority for US orders :) Please note that these are 100% made to order items. I estimate items to ship 2-2.5 weeks after the order is place :) Thank you so much for your understanding and your support!

Red Sugar Glider Trash Can Cage Toy

Chain Color 1
Chain Color 2

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