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These small animal treat cups are perfect to add some extra color to a cage AND provide a place to hide treats! This simple yet super cute treat cup features a long single strand of plastic chain with LOTS of fun charms to get your pets interest. This style is great to hand on the side of the cage, which helps fill cage space as most items hang from the top only. These were designed with sugar gliders and guniea pigs in mind (great to hide sugar glider treats in and make them forage for food. The long chain is also idea for guniea pig cages so you can hang on the side of the cage and put hay in the cup!

These are made from sturdy plastic, all burs and sharp edges have been removed for your pets safety. All my items have been tested by various groups and are made with the utmost care. While we work extremely hard to ensure our toys are as safe as they can be, please make sure you are checking over all items in your cage often. No item can be made 100% safe, especially if your pet likes to chew!

These can be customized! Please select your cup color - if no other color is selected the chain and charms will be matched to the cup color. If you would like the chain to be a different color, please note that in the personalization section.

Cups may vary slightly depending on supplies

Hanging Treat Cup

Cup Color
Chain Color