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English Angora Care: The Basics

Food: Kit has been fed Manapro rabbit pellet 18% protein (found at Tractor Supply Plus).  Please mix this food into your selected pellet until this supply is gone to ensure a smooth transition from one food to the other.  Kit has also been given Timothy hay treats and apple slices once a day since 4 weeks old.  Apples are their FAVORITE TREAT EVER. Make sure rabbits have access to water at all times. Kit knows how to use both a water bottle and a water bowl.

Cage care: We prefer to keep our rabbits on wire bottom cages that have trays UNDERNEATH the wire to catch any accidents.  We supply a large litter box, that is bedded in Equine pine pellets. These pellets expand when in contact with liquids and absorb all odors. They are AMAZING 😊. We also bed the bottom of the tray just in case. Be sure to clean the litter box out at least 1-2 times a week. The underneath tray only needs to be cleaned every few months or when needed.

Coat care: Angora rabbits are known for the long, soft coat. These coats do take some time to keep up with though! To avoid matting, you will need to either brush or use a blower on them every few days.  Brushing them does remove a lot of their undercoat, which will disqualify them for any shows you do.  If you plan on spinning their fur, keep in mind that brushing them can also break the fibers early, leaving them shorter than desired for spinning.  These rabbits should NOT be kept on any type of shavings as they mix with the fur and cause lots of matting and tangles.  About every 3-4 months the rabbit can be sheared if desired (great for spinning!) If you are using scissor to shear PLEASE keep in mind that rabbits skin is paper thin and even a slight snip can cause a very deep cut.

Litter box: All of our kits are fully litter boxed trained, HOWEVER when moving them to a new home, please give them a few days to establish where they are “allowed” to use the litter box. It is highly recommended to keep your new rabbit in his/her cage with the litter box for the first few days. That enables them to establish where their home is and where they can use the restroom. 

Teeth care: Rabbits teeth never stop growing, so they must have hay or other hard/wood treats to help keep their teeth filed down. They need SAFE items to chew on to keep their teeth happy and healthy!


Social: Rabbits are very social and CURIOUS creatures.  They love attention and want to be able to explore as much as possible! If you are going to let your bunny free roam, please remember that they do not understand what is “allowed” to be chewed! Rabbit proof your room before you left them out! Please make sure you spend lots of quality time with your new friend.


Outside: All of our kits of lived their entire lives indoors, however if you are keeping them outside, please remember than angora’s wool is 10 times warmer than many other breeds.  If left out in the heat, there is a high risk of overheating which can lead to many health issues, or worst case, death. 

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