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English Angora Rabbits:


dhart and cynder photo.jpg
ambyr photo.jpg

We have three gorgeous, fully pedigreed english angora rabbits. Our two females, Cynder and Ambyr, are incredibly sweet and have proven to be fantastic mothers!  Our handsome buck, Dhartanyon, is very sweet natured and loves to have his belly rubbed! 

All of our adults and kits are fully pedigreed, Ambyr has several show rabbits in her pedigree, with SEVERAL leg wins across the board.  

All of our kits are well socialized, handled often, and fully litter box trained.  My rabbits are fed high quality, high protein pellets with fresh apple and timothy hay every day (and the occasional sweet treats from the store!) They are allowed to roam our den supervised every night/other night and always know to go back to their cages to potty.  I do not personally show my rabbits as I brush and shear their fur to collect the fibers for spinning, however my kits would make amazing pets, show rabbits, or woolers, or all three!


dhart photo.jpg
cynder photo 2.jpg
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