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Button Quail



Button quail (Japanese painted quail or king quail) are tiny little critters full of energy and love! They come in lots of different colors and patterns, making them unique pets to have! They happily live in bird cages, prefer to live in colonies between six and twelve, and lay one of the tiniest eggs you will ever see.  

The males make two distinct calls and do extremely cute mating displays when placed in pens with females. When chicks hatch out, they are roughly the size of a quarter! They grow rather quickly, reaching adulthood at around 6-8 weeks and hens begin laying eggs shortly after.  

In addition to coming in multiple colors and

patterns, the eggs they lay have a wide range

of coloring. Browns, greens and blues are

common to see, and some even have mottling. 

We raise a variety of button quail and have hatching

eggs and chicks available year round.  We have

several breeding pens set up, some sorted by color. 

We are happy to ship hatching eggs anywhere in the Continental US. We also happily sell chicks, young birds, and laying birds! To place an order of hatching eggs please contact us directly. We always send extra eggs in orders. Prices are as follows:

12+ eggs for $25 shipped

30+ eggs for $45 shipped

50+ eggs for $65 shipped

100+ eggs for $85 shipped




Day old Chicks



Blue Face


One week old Chicks


Silver Tuxedos


Adult Males

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