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Creations N Critters was started in 2016 as a little etsy store...but has grown to be so much more!

        Being a city girl my whole life, my first visit to Caleb's family farm was incredible! Prior to meeting him, I didn't know people had chickens, let alone PEACOCKS, as pets!  Caleb and I met over our mutual love for birds, so it came as no surprise that I loved being at his farm. 

       It wasn't long before I started collecting feathers.  It started with the peacock know the ones: long, gorgeous, iridescent eye feathers.  But with so many amazing birds was hard not to grab some of their feathers too! Besides...they molted them out long ago and had no real use for them anyway! I had hundreds of feathers...with no real use for them! I got the idea to make a few pairs of earrings for myself.  Nothing major, just a peacock eye feather with some other accent feathers.  But..when I wore them out...I got SO many compliments and SO many people asking me where I got them from...I decided to try my luck at selling them.

     I opened up my etsy store and listed a few pairs.  I didn't know how to style the pictures, what to write in the description, or how to use the tags to get my items found, but I decided to "do it scared" and go for it.  Besides...done is better than perfect right?

     I honestly didn't think much would come from it...maybe a sale or two over the year, however I was shocked when my first order came in not even three days after I opened my store! Then more orders started coming in! And these orders were not from my friends or family! Oh no, they were from all around the country and even the WORLD!  It still stops me in my tracks to think that there are people in The Netherlands, Finland, and all across the US that are wearing my items! 

     I absolutely love what I do and would not trade it for the world! Our shop has evolved over the years as our home grew with new pets to love. While we still do our gorgeous feather items, we have shifted our focus onto our sugar gliders. After obtaining our first sugar glider pair in 2017, we had a rather scary accident using unsafe pet store items. Luckily, our little furry friend survived, but we soon began to dive into more research on safely made items. I began making my own items for our cages, and in 2017 we decided to go through the vendor testing process via various Facebook sugar glider groups. We officially launched our sugar glider cage and toy items in 2018 - shifting our shop name from Feather Wear Creations to Creations n Critters - a better encompassing shop name :) 

I am proud to say, as of April of 2020, I now run CnC full time and enjoy every moment!

Thank you so much for being here, and thank you for supporting my small business! Without you, I could not be living my dream!

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